Editing The Sagrada Familia!

Editing The Sagrada Familia!

We were lucky enough to visit Barcelona last week and one of the obvious places to visit was the Sagrada Familia.

Designed by Antonia Saudi, the Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família is yet to be finished but amongst the cranes and scaffolding, its beauty and magnificence attracts millions of tourists.

Unfortunately, due to crowds, we could not get a ticket to visit inside that particular day but we thought we would use some of our pictures of the outside to show how Colorscape can edit the outlines generated from photos.

We chose the Sagrada Familia as the subject of today’s post as we don’t think you could find a more intricate, complicated building facade anywhere in the World.  And it would be a great challenge to put the photo through Colorscape!

After generating the outline, we removed the cranes which we did with the eraser tool and then we had to draw in part of the spire with the line tool. These are are both on the editing screens as shown in the second and third images.

Once we are happy, we can start colouring in the spires!

This was our attempt to capture the Sagrada Familia in a colorscape!

We hope the brief tutorial was useful!

See you soon Colorscapers!


How to make your own colouring books with Colorscape

Welcome to the blog pages of Colorscape!

We wanted to start with a how-to on creating colouring books as it is one of the most asked-for topics in our support emails.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible but always feel free to let us know if we can make things better.

  1. Start by making your outlines or pixel images by taking a picture or using an image on your phone or tablet.
  2. Once you have edited the outline to get it just right, tap done and Colorscape will save it to your gallery
  3. Tap the icon of the piece of paper with “+” sign in the centre and this will add your outline to the colouring book
  4. Tap up to 30 Colorscapes to your book
  5. You are ready to share the pdf of the colouring……and that is it

At the moment, you can order hard copy books via the IOS app but that functionality isn’t in the Android app yet…….but we are working on it!