Text to Image AI and Colorscape

Text to Image AI and Colorscape

Hey there Colorscapers – welcome to another blog post! Hope you all had a great weekend!

We wanted to speak about text-image AI and why we think this was made for Colorscape.

When we first thought about Colorscape, we wanted to make our own colouring outlines to use at home. Still, we wanted those outlines to be personal and not like the other colouring apps that produce the same sort of images that do not have any resonance or personal meaning.

This is where we think text-image AI complements what we were trying to convey by generating outlines from our photos in the first Colorscape release.

One of the issues we always had in trying to promote Colorscape was the content generation side. After all, who wants to see our holiday pictures or family get-togethers?

We view text-to-image AI as imagining the story in our minds when we read a book. But what the AI does is that it crystallises our imagination into images that we can use, save and share.

Colorscape has integrated with the Stable Diffusion API and we think that they address the concerns surrounding generative AI. They incorporate a filter where users cannot create any illicit material and the quality of the data behind the AI engine means that the output is stunning.

We admit that we had to practice with our prompts to get the best image results.

For example, take a look at the different images we can make with the subject of Halloween:

The prompts for these images from left to right were:

1.Epic Halloween Fantasy Art by John Stephans

2. Creepy halloween aesthetic, trending on unsplash, [ 4 k photorealism ], professional photography, [ overhead view of a table ], shot by jimmy nelson

3. Halloween festival with colorful fireworks, 8 k octane beautifully detailed render, post – processing, extremely hyper – detailed, intricate, epic composition, cinematic lighting, masterpiece, trending on artstation, masterpiece, stunning art by anders zorn, wonderful masterpiece by greg rutkowski, beautiful cinematic

All three images are obviously halloween based but all three images are very different and also unique.

We think that we will have to learn to utilize AI as a tool just as a few years ago, the internet was an emerging technology and no one really knew how it would grow and how it would be used to benefit us. And just like many tools, there is a potential to use them poorly and a potential to use them wisely.

Text-to-image AI is perfect for Colorscape and we think it will only enhance creativity!

Also, with Colorscape, you can use the images to create outlines or put them straight onto physical goods like T-shirts and hoodies. And so you can really bring your creativity to life!

We would love to see some of your creations – so please email them in and if they are AI-generated, then also send in the prompts. We will feature them on a future blog post.