Good morning Colorscapers!

It’s almost the weekend!

Colorscape is based in the heart of Cambridge, England and we are very lucky to live and work in this beautiful city.

The parks and colleges are an inspiration for so many professional and amateur photographers alike. A few years back just before the pandemic, we created a colouring book of some Cambridge sites and we were close to getting the book into local bookshops. That was at the start of March 2020 and obviously, a couple of weeks later, everything had changed.

We still went ahead and made print copies and we sold the book on Etsy. It is now out of print but we wanted to share the book with you all – it is completely free to Download and we hope you enjoy not just the outlines but the photos also.

We have three colouring storybooks that are going to be published in January 2024 so keep checking in for more. And we are pretty excited about the artwork and the stories we have come up with.

But in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this one!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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